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“Many Hands Make Light Work” -John Heywood

Heal and Integrate your “Inner-gies” to Create A Brand New Reality

When inner energetic patterns are cleared, new timelines that hold new opportunities and experiences can be implemented. While individual energetic clearing and integration work is a very effective method to heal painful memories, emotions, limiting programs and beliefs it is even more powerful when done in a group setting due to the collective energy emanating from all of the open hearts


Spring Solstice Meditation

Select a Sacred Space surrounded by Nature for your Meditation

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Spring Solstice Meditation

You are just as much a part of nature as the tree you view from the window. With that said, flow with the natural balance that accompanies the rebirth of spring. What is your personal rebirth? This could be spiritual, physical, a new career, or relocating. 

These easy steps will allow you to discover what you would like to be top priority. Often in life we are aware we want something to change, we may even know what we would like the end result to be, but what must we change first? What new, fresh idea is worthy of our attention? 

Meditate for 20 minutes each day. Begin the meditation by asking, “Who am I?” You may have asked as well as answered this question in previous meditations. This is a question that has an ever-evolving answer. The Universe may have a surprise answer for you this spring.

Spend as much time in the sun as possible. Temperatures are warm and welcoming in the spring. The equinox sun has a vibrational energy that sparks liveliness and new ideas. Just be sure to protect yourself from the sun and soak safely.

List the top three things in your life that you are ready to birth. While writing also visualize the end result.

Practice the Law of Least Effort. Spring equinox is pure rebirth everywhere we look, so allow your mind and body to harmonize with this and release the thoughts that create paradox.

Make time for Sun Salutations by appreciating the sun, giving thanks, and allowing your body to connect as one with the force.

Establish a fun ritual with your family, such as celebrating with an outdoor activity that involves color. For some, this is the traditional egg hunt, but you can create your own unique household tradition. Painting flowerpots for the birth of plants, planning a colorful meal where each guest brings a designated color, or planting seeds and marking each row with colorful ribbon are all ideas.

Select a Sacred Space surrounded by Nature for your Meditation

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